Building a 6 layer cake for a 60th birthday  - ganache & pearls

Building a 6 layer cake for a 60th birthday - ganache & pearls

Preacher party at SXSW in Austin

Preacher party at SXSW in Austin

I will be out of the Bakeri for a few days next week - having hip surgery on Tuesday, but the Bakeri will remain open! Chris has become a master at cinnamon rolls and just about everything else! Please come in for breakfast & lunch and support my awesome staff. They are working hard to pick up the slack! I will be back very soon at least part time - I am safer recuperating there than at home where Gracie, my weimaraner will want to wrestle with me. Your prayers are much appreciated!!!!! Thank you! Joni


We will be closed through January 1st to spend time with our family.  We’ll be back at 8:00 am on January 2nd with new tasty treats!  Hope to see you then!

Fall/Winter Menu Debut!

Our new menu starts today - THREE specials every day, plus our quiches!

Today’s specials are Shepherd’s Pie (made with roast beef), scalloped potatoes with ham, and fettuccine alfredo with roasted chicken.

Caramel apple cakes for dessert are in the oven now!


The new printed menus aren’t in yet, but I couldn’t wait any longer!

Check out the new menu - starts tomorrow!

THREE specials per day!

Tuesday Specials!

Terrific Tuesday Specials - Beef Stroganoff or Chicken, Rice, & Cheese in puff pastry. We already sold out of quiche this morning, so I just popped two more in the oven - spinach or sausage.
We’ll have warm oatmeal molasses rolls, cardamom rolls, and bretzels out in time for lunch! Time to start on desserts!


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I made the top 10 in Mutual of Omaha’s Aha Moment!   Thank you!